HAJA Studio //

Consciously creating enduring accessories with design and durability in mind.

HAJA Studio is a design driven brand based in Melbourne, Australia by Lisa of "Lady of Leisure Millinery" a multi-award winning accessories designer with almost a decade of experience in fashion and millinery.

HAJA was born out of frustration at the accessories offerings to the mainstream market, specifically its quality or lack thereof. Lisa's designer trained eye would quickly pick up on how a product could easily be improved to become more durable if more consideration was placed for its construction, or modifying the colours to stay on trend yet still be versatile. And so the pedantic nitpicking went on until Lisa finally did something about it, literally 'HAJA' has the Korean meaning of ‘let’s do something’ and this is a mentality that Lisa adopts on a daily basis.

'HAJA' encompasses the names of her children and has chosen Very Special Kids charity to receive a percentage of sales towards their endearing hospice.

Not one to bore you with the same stuff that big factories are churning out. Every HAJA Studio product is well thought out by Lisa and crafted by a team of artisans closely working together road testing materials to ensure longstanding durability, and that our products can be worn and enjoyed for generations to come.

HAJA Studio still seeks to do more, be more conscious in production with minimal impact on the environment and only work with ethical manufacturers with a focus on best practices and quality output. And this subject is close to Lisa's heart having witnessed first hand with her Mother working relentless hours as a seamstress, immigrant of the 90's - taken advantage of by underpaying employers (and sometimes non-paying).

HAJA appeals to anyone wanting to consciously set trends, uphold quality designs whilst maintaining affordability. The brand intentionally creates fashion accessories with a fresh interpretation and creative direction focused upon fun designs with a modern twist.

하자 / #byHAJA

haja is innovative, implementing an adjustable sizing feature within every hat.